We have listed down some of the basic questions that are frequently asked by our clients. Hope you will get your queries solved. In case your query is not solved by our knowledgebase, we request you to send your questions to us through contact us form.

  1. Your Computer Rental Service is Expensive?
    If you have a large setup and willing to start operations on big scale then it is advisable to utilize your funds smartly. An option of renting computers and other IT machines will save your lots of funds that can be further utilized in other business operations. So, you will end up saving a lot without the hassle of customer service and maintenance in case any system goes down. So the answer is No, our renting service is not at all expensive.
  2. Who Can Rent from Rent A Computer?
    We provide Computers to :-
    1. Individuals/organizations MNC's / Big Corporate Companies
    2. Small businesses / Partnerships / Limited Companies
    3. Individuals
    4. Public Bodies / Government (Schools, Colleges etc.)
    5. BPO/Call centers
    6. Private establishments
  3. What are the products that are available for Rent?
    We have everything, which is related to computers and IT Hardware available for rent. You can browse our website to know more about products.
  4. Can I customize the product as per my choice?
    Yes, we can customize the product list as per your convenient. We have a wide range of products to choose from.
  5. What information do you require to provide a quotation?
    All you need to do is to fill our “Online Quotation Form” or write us at info@rentacomputerlucknow.com or contact 9415220241 or 8707845784. We will mail you quotation immediately.
  6. Can I rent for any period I choose?
    Yes, you can rent for several days, weeks, and months or even for years.
  7. What information will be in the quote?
    Our quote will contain :-
    1. Pricing/Specification
    2. Delivery/Payment terms
    3. Terms & Conditions
  8. What are the documents required for placing the order?
    • Incase of Individuals we require Address proof/Copy of Aadhar card with Security cheque and monthly rental in advance.
    • Incase of Pvt Companies or partnership firms copy of KYC/Aadhar of all Partners/Directors and order on letter head/email.
    • Incase of Corporates/Govt organization/Limited companies order on email/letter and details of the person authorized to deal with.
  9. Why is short-term rental expensive as compared to long-term rental?
    When a client seeks for rental service for any of the machine either for 1 week, 1 month or even for several months, we have a fixed overhead cost that ensures configurations of equipment, raising paperwork, displacement, invoicing and return.

    In case of short-term rental services these costs have been spread over a short period of time and in long-term rental costs are spread over a longer period. Sometimes our competitor offers very short-term rental at very cheap prices and in return, they provide poor support, which lead to poor working environment for clients. We don’t believe in that kind of system. Our fixed costs represent a realistic charge based on maintaining considerable resources of staff and equipment to support our customers. All you need is to focus on working and leave all maintenance part on us.
  10. Can I get Insurance cover for equipment during rental?
    We do not provide any kind of insurance coverage for rented machines. Our clients are responsible for safety maintenance and the return of products. In case of failure to maintain, client is responsible to bear the charges for repair or replacement up to the full value of the machine.
  11. Why are all these terms and condition?
    Terms and conditions are applicable for all kind of contracts. When you enter into a contract you pay money and in return, we provide a service. With the help of terms and conditions we mutually agree to a certain protocol, which helps us to understand what to expect from each party. In case you have any questions about any terms or conditions you can discuss with our sales team before placing an order.
  12. What about Taxes (GST)?
    GST will be calculated as per set percentage assigned by Indian Government.
  13. How do I place an order?
    Orders can be confirmed by Email. Confirmation of order should include following details :-
    Details of equipment’s
    Quotation Number
    Delivery and Installations Address
    Payment Details
  14. How do I pay for my order?
    We have a number of Payment methods included. You can pay by Cheque/Draft/Net Banking /Credit or Debit Card.
  15. What if I return the computers before the agreed contractual rental period?
    We work as per our initial contract and in case client need to return the machines before due date he/she will be liable to pay the full amount agreed.
  16. What if I cancel my order?
    In case of cancellation of an order, you have to pay the rental charges up to the agreed rental period.
  17. What if equipment is broken / stolen?
    In case equipment’s are stolen or broken beyond repair, clients are liable to pay the full value amount.
  18. Can I repair or Upgrade your equipment lying with me?
    It is recommended that clients should make no alteration or repairs in machines. In any of such cases, the client needs to notify us, and our engineers will carry all operations.
  19. Do I need to extend the rental?
    Please drop us an email and we will confirm accordingly.
  20. What happens if I have a problem with my equipment?
    In such case just log on to www.rentacomputerlucknow.com and register your complaint @ Customer support or call 9415220241/8707845784
  21. Does the rental support cover me if my computer is virus infected?
    We do not cover antivirus in our standard rental support service. However, freeware can be provided based on client demand.
  22. What happens if I loose my data during the repairing of the product or during the use in normal course?
    We do not take the responsibility for data recovery. We strongly recommend saving all kind of data backup daily or weekly basis.
  23. If I rent a printer, does it come with toner or ink?
    We provide first time toner with the laser subsequently the charges of toner will be payable.
  24. I have many computers, how would I identify your products?
    We have serial number marking on my equipment’s so that can be identified easily.
  25. Do you sell ex-rental equipment?
    Yes, we do. For more details contact our sales staff.