1. Is rental is expensive?
    Renting is a smart way of using funds. It is better than buying computer with bank loan. By renting you’re save your expenditure on capital goods and it allows your business to grow by freeing up working capital for other expenses, and saving the money on AMC. It also updates you with the latest technologies. It increases your profitability by helping you to cut on your cost on un-wanted assets for short terms projects.
  2. Who can rent from Rent A Computer?
    We provide Computers to Individuals/organizations Vise:
    MNC's / Big Corporate Companies
    Small businesses / Partnerships / Limited Companies
    Public Bodies / Government (Schools, Colleges etc.)
    BPO/Call centers
    Private establishments
  3. What are the products that are available on Rent?
    We have a very long list of products available on hire. Any thing related to computers is available with us. For details please visit our website www.rentacomputerlucknow.com
  4. Can I customize the product as per my choice?
    Yes we can also give the products tailor made as per your requirements.
  5. What information do you require to provide a quotation?
    Just log on to www.rentacomputerlucknow.com and fill the online quote request form and you will get our quote immediately.
  6. Can I rent for any period I choose?
    Yes you can rent for several days, weeks, months and even years.
  7. What information will be in the quote?
    Our quote will contain:-
    Delivery/Payment terms
    Terms & Conditions etc.
  8. Why is short term rental expensive as compared to long term rental?
    With any rental, whether 1 day, 1 week or 1 month or more we have a fixed overhead cost for getting the equipment prepared, raising paperwork, dispatching, invoicing and checking equipment on return.
    With a short term rental these costs are spread over a very short period, on a long term rental these are over a far longer period.
    If a competitor is offering you short term rental at very low rates then you should ask yourself what sort of support service he can offer? Our fixed costs represent a realistic charge based on maintaining considerable resources of staff and equipment to support our customers. If others offer lower costs then perhaps you will be receiving a lower stand of service?
  9. Can I get Insurance cover for equipment during rental?
    No, we cannot provide any form of insurance cover for items on rental.
    You are responsible for safe keeping and return of our products. Failure to do so can result in charges for repair and/or replacement up to the full value of the product.
  10. Why are all these terms and condition?
    When you rent equipment from us you are entering into a contract where you pay money and we provide services. As with any contract the terms and conditions are there so both parties know what to expect from each other.
    It is up to you to be aware of these terms and conditions, if you have any specific questions regarding these please ask our sales staff before placing your order.
  11. What about Taxes (VAT)?
    VAT is not included as part of the monthly rental charges. VAT will be charged extra as applicable depending upon the delivery location.
  12. How do I place an order?
    Orders are normally confirmed by E-Mail or Fax. This confirmation should include:-
    Details of equipment and/or quote number
    Delivery &Installation address
    Payment details
  13. How do I pay for my order?
    A number of different methods are available-
    You have many options to pay the rental charges.
    You can pay by Cheque/Draft/Net Banking /Credit or Debit Card.
  14. What if I return the computers before the agreed contractual rental period?
    If the computers are returned before the agreed contractual rental period the rent for the entire contractual period is payable.
  15. What if I cancel my order?
    In case of cancellation of order, you have to pay the rental charges up to the agreed rental period. 16) Can I repair or Upgrade your equipment lying with me? No alteration should be made on the rental or repairs or an adjustment should be made. Any such requirement should be brought to our notice and will be carried out by the engineers of the Company.
  16. What if equipment is broken / stolen?
    If the equipment has been stolen and/or damaged beyond repair then full replacement value of the goods will be charged.
  17. I need to extend the rental?
    Just drop a mail or confirm on phone.
  18. I wish to return the equipment early?
    If you wish to return the equipment before the end of the agreed rental term then rent for the agreed rental period will be payable.
  19. What happens if I have a problem with my equipment?
    Just log on to www.rentacomputerlucknow.com and register you complaint @ Customer support or call 09415020650.
  20. Does the rental support cover me if my computer is virus infected?
    Anti-Virus Support is not covered under the standard rental support. However free ware available on Internet will be provided.
  21. What happens if I loose my data during the repairing of the product or during the use in normal course?
    We recommend you to keep daily backup of your data. We are in any way not responsible for the loss of any data during repair or during normal use of computers.
  22. If I rent a printer, does it come with toner or ink?
    1st time Toner will be provided with the laser subsequently the charges of toner will be payable. 24) I have many computers, how would I identify your products? Our entire computers are provided with Serial No’s which is easy to identify.
  23. Do you sell ex-rental equipment?
    Yes, we do. For more details contact our sales staff.